I’m Arthur 👋 I love building products that maximise impact.

Why? Because choosing a career might be the most important ethical decision of my life.

According to 80,000 Hours, you’ll spend ~50% of your waking hours on your career and have ~80,000h in your career (40 hours per week x 50 weeks per year x 40 years).

If you can increase the positive impact of those hours just a little, it will probably have a bigger impact than changes to any other parts of your life.

Currently, I’m a product manager and spend my day learning about crypto and identity primitives.

Previously, I spent time tinkering with quantitative approaches to early-stage investing and worked on the investment team at a private investment office in London, which specialises in venture and growth equity investments.

I have a background in computer science and economics, and spent some time studying at ETH Zurich, Birkbeck College, and the University of Bristol.