Community-driven Analytics

What’s Flipside Crypto?

Flipside crypto is a website that

puts pre-modeled and labeled blockchain data in the hands of communities. Through dashboard and visualization tools, as well as auto-generated API endpoints, data analysts can easily create queries that answer any question.

Who does Flipside Crypto work with?

Flipside works directly with leading crypto projects to reward on-demand analytics through structured bounty programs. Questions sourced directly from the community provide insight into what communities care about as well as analytics needed to drive ecosystem engagement and growth.

(💡) This is similar to Dune Analytics, which is a website where you can create and publish crypto dashboards using blockchain data (e.g. ENS).

Why does this matter?

The Terra ecosystem is crowdsourcing data analytics using Flipside Crypto.

How do they do this?

If I understand correctly, they delegated 500k LUNA to Flipside crypto to run a validator node on the Terra network. They yield generated from this validator node is used to pay bounties to users that submit dashboards that answer custom analystics questions.