PM ratings

If you’re interested, here is a template from Shreyas on evaluating yourself as a PM:

Template in text version below👇


  • How well do you understand your product, users, customers, and domain?

  • How well do you translate this understanding into compelling strategy and product proposals?

  • How well do you translate them into goals, priorities, and plans to stir action?


  • How well did you deliver on your highest priority goals (i.e. your P0 goals) for the evaluation period?

  • How well did you communicate and collaborate with your team members, cross-functional partners, and other teams?

  • How consistently does the overall quality of product features shipped by your team meet the company’s bar?


  • What is your business impact, as seen via the leading indicators? (e.g., beta adoption, customer satisfaction, key ships, feature usage growth, user experience metrics, etc.)

  • What is your business impact, as seen via the lagging indicators? (e.g., revenue, user growth, margin, cost savings, customer upsell, large customer deployments, etc.)

  • How did you make your team, org, or the company better?